Commercial Bin Cleaning

No Debris and No Runoff Water

Your Very Clean Bins technician arrives in a mobile unit outfitted with environmentally friendly equipment and Green Seal-certified solutions.

Our process leaves no debris or runoff water. To learn more about our process and how it can help your business have a cleaner garbage area, please call us at 954-952-2467 (BINS).

Protect Your Clients By Having Your Bins Cleaned

Have you ever walked out of your place of business and caught a whiff of old garbage? Your trash bins may be hidden away behind the building or a fence, but their odors still travel on the breeze. If you can smell them, so can your customers — and the rats and flies!

Very Clean Bins provides commercial cleaning services that minimize the odors that come from bins and trash containers. You get the same high standard of cleanliness that our residential clients enjoy, and you offer your employees and customers a cleaner, healthier environment.

Commercial/HOA Bin Cleaning

This service will help maintain the aesthetic hygiene associated with your common area, and help to eliminate odors found in and around these bins. Furthermore, it will eliminate any health risks involved in the handling of trash and recycling bins by your employees. Call us for more info.

  • First payment will be processed after first service.
  • A 3% processing fee will be added to all major credit cards.
  • No fee for e-check transactions.
  • Automatic Recurring payments take effect after first bill.
  • Check payments are accepted

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