Very Clean Bins

Very Clean Bins is an innovative new company that’s dedicated to creating a cleaner, more pleasant environment.

Especially in the hot summer, surely you’ve noticed that the odor of old garbage can be overwhelming. Even if commercial bins and residential containers are emptied regularly, they still contain debris and residue that create strong smells and attract vermin.
Our goal is to provide an efficient, affordable service that keeps your curbside trash and recycling bins as clean as possible. When your trash bins are clean, your home or business smells better, the hazards of bacterial and fungal infection are reduced, and there are fewer insects and scavengers.

Our Company

Our company is local, family owned and operated, so you always receive prompt, personalized service. As long as your trash has been collected and the bins are empty, same-day and next-day services are available. Call us at 954-952-2467 (BINS) for more information.

Consider What Goes Into Your Trash Bins

Even if you use trash bags, your garbage bins can become foul. Bags can rip or leak, and the bottom of your bin can be covered in liquids, mushy garbage, or other materials that create strong odors.

Consider what goes into your bins — then imagine it on a hot summer day!

  • Food remnants, including meat, fish, and poultry
  • Pet waste
  • Garden waste
  • Soda cans and bottles
  • Disposable diapers
  • Food packaging and takeout cartons
  • The contents of your vacuum cleaner
  • Newspapers

Committed to a Cleaner Community

At Very Clean Bins, we believe in creating a cleaner environment at every level.

We use unique cleaning technologies that are designed to reduce contamination and water pollution.
  • Fully self-contained cleaning systems
  • Water-reducing technology
  • Safe disposal of gray water
We’re the local leader in bin-cleaning technology.
To learn more, please call us at 954-952-2467 (BINS).

How we clean your bins?

Get Your Bins Clean By Us, Today!


Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

Very Clean Bins did an amazing job of cleaning our recycling and garbage bins. Our garbage bin was really bad and is now spotless. The employees were professional and friendly. I would recommend them 110%.


Excellent service! Thank you!!!

Nina Khell G

Very professional, prompt and did a great job

Marie D

Excelente servicio, muy serios y responsables, dejan mis pipotes de basura siempre impecables y perfumados. Suuupeeer recomendados.


So glad to have found this service…I think it’s a great idea…I store my trash and recycle in my garage and it’s good to know that they’re nice and clean they don’t smell no longer harboring nasty bacteria

Dina R

Excellent service! They come to your house on trash pick up day and before you know it, your bins are spotless, and you don’t even need to be home since the bins are already outside! Highly recommended service!


I usually put the trash and recycling bins in my garage after the garbage truck comes to pick them up. My garage was stinky and there was a dangerous risk because of the diseases they could bring. Luckily they came to clean my bins and now they are like new! They are the best!!!


Wonderful service and a pleasure to work with.


Great idea… Trash cans are now clean, free of bacteria and smelling good. Thank you!

felipe b

Very clean bins is the best! Someone had run over a cat and my bin was out so they used my bin to disposed it in, when I opened it the smell was tremendous. So I call the company VERY CLEAN BINS and spoke with Ana she was very sweet and the came the next day.very professional, efficient,and very thorough. I would highly recommend this company.

Yvette M

Excelent service!!.. you’ll defenetly see the difference

Victoria Q

Excellent service